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Smith Business Services LLC provides the following Portfolio of Services:


  • Professional Project Management & Contact Center Management Consultation Services
  • Corporate Training
  • Event Planning
  • Master Scheduling Services
  • Notary Public and Notary Signing Agent Services
  • BabyQuip Quality Provider Services

Smith Business Services, LLC employs current, certified PMI PMP (project management professional) credential holders. This allows for Smith Business Services, LLC to reference the PMP’s accreditation under ISO 17024 as a qualifier for the competence and capability of our employees.

Professional Services

Project Management Consulting

Smith Business Services LLC has certified project managers that can manage projects of all sizes in many different verticals. Smith Business Services LLC offers specific project management skill services, such as scheduling, earned value management, and risk management. Smith Business Services LLC can provide professionals to work on pieces of your project, such as maintenance of project management software tool as updates occur. If your organization has the application knowledge, but in need of professional project managers and professionals to get your projects on time, within budget, without sacrificing quality, contact Smith Business Services LLC.

Master Scheduling Services

Knowing the critical path equates to knowing if the project will be completed on time. Scheduling begins with planning before the utilization of project management scheduling tools. Smith Business Services LLC can improve duration estimating techniques, resource management and utilization, schedule development (including alternative schedules), and schedule maintenance. Smith Business Services LLC has certified scheduling professionals utilizing Microsoft Project to maintain project schedules. 

Scrum/Agile Workshops

Smith Business Services LLC can help the multi-disciplinary team to gain a shared understanding of requirements emerging from the vision of the product owner, capture user stories and story mapping, prioritize backlog, estimate, plan and execute short development iterations, track and monitor progress, and perform sprint reviews and retrospectives.

Risk Management Workshops

Smith Business Services LLC can provide facilitators to lead risk management workshops to reduce the number of unknown unknowns and increase awareness of risks that could affect your key project objectives. The key projects objectives include those for scope, time, cost, and quality. If project success is the desired outcome, it is imperative to do risk management well. Risk management is a very proactive and iterative process, and it should start at the onset of the project and continue throughout the project lifecycle.

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Workshops

The work breakdown structure is at the heart of planning a project. A WBS workshop can aid the team in developing the WBS, which can lead to more accurate and reliable cost and time estimates. In addition, the WBS can be useful for evaluating scope changes and outsourcing considerations. This hands on team exercise is one of the fundamental keys to project success. Let Smith Business Services LLC facilitate this essential component of project planning.

Earned Value Management

Evaluating project performance and forecasting are key to understanding how well a project is doing and what it is going to take to complete the project. Earned value management integrates an evaluation of scope, time (schedule), and cost and is updated as a result of status updates. Let Smith Business Services LLC provide objective project performance reporting for your organization through the use of earned value management.


Process Improvement

Improvement of existing processes will help an organization to reduce cost and allow for the reallocation of resources to other areas of the organization to aid in growing the business. The project management professionals at Smith Business Services LLC can assist your organization in attaining the organizational process improvement goals.

Requirements Management

Collecting and managing requirements is essential to increase the likelihood of stakeholder satisfaction, as it is imperative to ensure the project meets real needs and is fit for use. Smith Business Services LLC can guide your stakeholders through brainstorming sessions, conduct interviews, hold focus groups, facilitate workshops, perform observation, conduct conversations, and administer questionnaires and survey to gather requirements for projects. 

Knowledge Management

Documentation, documentation, documentation! Knowledge is an integral component of the overall organizational assets and should be treated as such. The transference of knowledge from one's mind to a usable and easily accessible location for the appropriate resources is key. Let Smith Business Services LLC provide you with the tools that you need to manage knowledge in your organization.

Education and Training

Smith Business Services LLC has strategic partnerships with reputable education and training providers. Please contact Smith Business Services LLC if you are seeking Project Management or Business and Professional Skills education and/or Training.


A successful project team should have expertise in the following five areas: the environment where the project takes place, the application area of the work being performed, ethics, interpersonal and management skills, and project management good practices.

A professional from Smith Business Services LLC will develop an IDP (Individual Development Plan) and establish meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) while setting SMART objectives for your staff to achieve. Let Smith Business Services LLC mentor your project staff to improve their competencies in some or all of these areas.

PMO Establishment

If your organization is ready for project standardization and consistency while focused the strategic goals, the establishment of a PMO (Project/Program management Office) may help. 


Contact Center Management Consulting

With the ever changing technological world, advances in the contact center has made great strides to improve efficiency and the bottom line. Since 1993, Lisa Marie Smith has been involved in the contact center industry and has aided several organizations with:

1. Start-Ups

2. Reorganizations and Redesigns

3. Process Improvement

4. Education & Training

5. Knowledge Management

Smith Business Services LLC can also provide training in the following areas:

  • Overcoming Objections

  • Speed Dialing, the Art of Manual Dialing

  • Thorough Probing for Quality Information

  • Using Six Sigma in the Contact Center to Achieve Success

  • Metrics that Relate to Management

Professional Presentations

Professional presentations can inform and inspire your audience. Popular topics include:

  • Demystifying Earned Value Management
  • Demystifying the PMBOK Guide
  • Differences between the Project Charter and the Project Management Plan
  • Critical Path Method Shortcut
  • Ethical Project Management
  • How to select a Project Management Methodology
  • Simplified Project Planning in Five Steps
  • Understanding Microsoft Project Task Types and the Effects of Effort Driven
  • WBS, What is it, and why is Beneficial for Success?

Contact Smith Business Services, LLC via email to coordinate. 

Consumer Services

Let Smith Business Services LLC provide your personal projects the expertise from experienced project management professionals. Smith Business Services LLC is able to coordinate and plan projects of all sizes and types including:

  • Home improvement projects
  • Parties
  • Reunions
  • Weddings
  • And more!

Smith Business Services LLC is a UShip carrier and provides ground shipping and transport services to Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C. Common transport items include: 

  • College Belongings
  • Food Items
  • Pets (Air Pet Companion Services Available)
  • Small Goods
  • Small Household Goods
  • Small Special Care Items 
  • Summer Camp Belongings

Contact Smith Business Services LLC for more information.





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